Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Scarf: A New Kind of Uniform


While walking down the streets of New York I couldn’t help but notice that everyone was wearing a scarf…and it’s not that cold yet. I asked myself “Did I miss a huge sale at Barneys or did the high schools enforce a new kind of uniform?” Turns out scarves are the new winter accessory.

So, what’s a girl to do? What else…get a unique, one of a kind, fun scarf. Luckily, I had received an email from Jodie Lyn Kee Chow showcasing her talent in scarf making. The pieces are original and made from unused fabric remnants. Not only will you be the most stylish scarf wearer in NYC but also doing your part to save the planet.

Don’t forget with the holidays fast approaching, you have to plan those holiday events but also shop for the perfect gift. We can help you with either. Who doesn’t love a scarf? --b


melissapynn said...

These scarves are fabulous! So different looking. Can't wait to pick one up! Thanks so much for the tip.

Unknown said...

Yes, they are darling scarves, aren't they? Can't wait to see the rest of the collection.