Monday, October 6, 2008

Green Goods.


Registering for shower and wedding gifts can be really fun and exciting...and a bit intimidating. My registry consultant from a certain department store (who will remain nameless), looked at me a like I was a crazy lady when I said that I wasn't going to register for fine china & sterling silver. The fact that I didn't have room in my apartment to store 12 sets of both everyday and fancy-schmancy dinnerware was apparently a ridiculous notion. Evs...

So instead of making sure that you have the proper amount of tea cups, gravy boats, and rice makers (really?? is that necessary), register for some fun things!!

Here is a perfect example of an item of distinction that I doubt you will find on any registry list. Esque, by Andi Kovel & Justin Parker, is a line of one of a kind pieces of functional art that are made from recycled glass and processed in an electric furnace that is powered by wind energy. I particularly like the "Jute Cozy Carafe + Glasses." Good for the earth and good for you tabletop, yes? --a

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