Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Get out your color wheel...

Inspiration Board.

When planning the color scheme for an event, it is often most comfortable to pick a neutral and mix it with one or possibly two similar colors. Chocolate brown with pink. Charcoal grey with yellow. Black & white with red. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going this route...but you also shouldn't be afraid to mix it up a bit. Having an unexpected color scheme makes an event feel special and personal right off the bat.

So how do you pick a fun color combo without ending up with something that looks like it might be inspired from your recent trip to visit gram & gramps in Boca? Go to the color wheel. Yup...that same color wheel that you learned about in elementary & middle school. The colors on the wheel are laid out in a way that can help you see what colors work together.

Today I'm going to use complemetary colors - or colors that fall directly across from one another on the wheel. I chose orange & blue. And you don't have to go with primary versions of these colors...we're working with the Crayola 64+, not the basic Crayola 8. So to finesse the look, we'll do aqua blue with a marigold orange. Doesn't that sound fun already? See what you think... --a

First Row: Room from Domino, Cake from Vanilla Bakeshop, bouquet from The Knot. Second Row: Whitebox Weddings. Third Row: Groom attire via, Mini Gumball macine via Beau Coup, Necklace from Luxe Deluxe, Invitation via Bird & Banner. Fourth Row: VW Bug from Flickr, Bottles from Terilyn Fisher, Dress via The Satorialist, Martini photo from Whitebox Weddings.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for featuring our gumball machine! I'm so glad you liked it!