Friday, October 17, 2008

Outdoors brought indoors


As soon as you start feeling that slight chill in the air, when the crisp mornings put an extra pep in your step, decor changes. All around you see warm, earthy colors: rust, pumpkin, brown, gold. Often these colors are used in arrangements of flowers during events. But I like the idea of trying something that is truly earthy - terra cotta.

The place where I was married in Chicago adjoined to a flower shop and garden. Along one wall in the garden were stacks and stacks of terra cotta pots lined up and ready to use in arrangements. It makes for a very dramatic backdrop with greenery all around it. So I did a little searching to find interesting terra cotta pots and planters that could be used in centerpieces and focal points at events, and I found a wonderful company, Seibert & Rice.

The pieces by Seibert & Rice are outstanding. You could easily use a few very large pieces for architectural interest, or go very bold with combinations of small & medium as centerpieces and buffet displays. And the beautiful natural color of the products works so well with an Autumnal color palette. --a

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