Monday, October 20, 2008

Break Out the Vino


Wine makes a great gift. It’s portable. It’s festive. It’s appreciated. Wine can be quickly gift-wrapped and tied with a bow. And best of all wine is easy to find.

But how do you pick out just the right wine for a gift, here are a few guidelines.

$10-Casual Acquaintances.
Co-workers, Dry Cleaners, Housekeepers, Dog Walkers, Friend of a Friend
This might sound cheap, but buying wine for a few dozen people adds up to several hundred bucks. White wine is usually a safer bet than red. Look for wines from countries where quality and value go hand in hand. A couple examples of this would be Pinot Grigio from Italy or Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

$20-Good Friends
People you enjoy spending time with or your boss.
Bottles that cost around $20 are about right, which means you can find wines that are new, exciting or not your ordinary Cabernet. You could try a California Grenache Blanc or Malbec from Argentina.

$30-Intimate Friends
People with whom you would want to share a bottle or three.
Give wines you wouldn’t pay the extra dollars to buy for yourself and that everyone would enjoy trying. On this level you can definitely get personal, such as, choosing a year with special significance or labels that reminds your friends of an inside joke. --b

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