Friday, October 31, 2008

A Novella Idea


Vino Novello wines are on their way to a liquor store near you. They usually arrive sometime in early November (around November 6th).

To break it down, it is an inexpensive wine limited in quantities, only available for a short time and must be partaken of immediately. Don’t wait for New Year’s Eve to toast to the new and fresh. Throw together some pasta with Italian bread and your new found bubbly wine and you have the perfect reason to get the party started.

All YOUNG wines, regardless of where they are created, are made by sealing uncrushed grapes in large vats with carbon dioxide to facilitate fermentation within the grapes themselves. This process creates wine that is slightly bubbly. If you want to sound ultra chic you can throw around the term Frizzante which is Italian for half the bubbles of a full sparkling wine. The above result is a fresh but transient wine that is limited in quantity and doesn’t improve with age. Novello wines are meant to be enjoyed before December 31st of the harvest year.

Best part, you can do it all over again in a couple of weeks when Beaujolais Noveau hits the stores. Just insert cassoulet in the place of pasta. --b

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