Friday, October 24, 2008

Kwak ain't Whack...

Belgian Beer.

In yet another installment of the I Love Belgian Beer series, I must talk to you about a delicious choice called Kwak. I first came across this gem at a little unassuming watering hole in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Being that it was Happy Hour and that the beer menu was filled with a plethora of brews with fun names, those in our party decided that we would never order the same kind of beer twice...thankfully Kwak was part of my beer rotation.

First, the beer is served in quite a peculiar glass. The glass design is said to come from the 18th century when Pauwel Kwak designed it to be used by coachmen, who hung the glass on what I would describe as the world's first cup holder. This was all so that the coachmen could enjoy the tasty brew while driving...sounds safe, huh? I digress.

Now as for the taste...amazing. Kwak embodies what I love about Belgium Beer: sweet malt, caramel and maple richness, with a toastiness that warms you right up. And the beauty of this selection is that even with the complex flavor, it still manages to have a high level of drinkability and a very smooth finish.

So when you are at Happy Hour tonight with coworkers or at home this weekend preparing to have some friends over, consider giving Kwak a's whiggety whiggety whiggety whack. --a

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