Monday, October 13, 2008

LOVE Candy


When planning wedding décor, brides often get frustrated with the idea that they are throwing a lot of money into items that will just get pitched after the reception has cleared. Whether it was a pricy item that you purchased or the DIY project that you spent a whole weekend putting together…by the end of the planning journey, many brides (and their grooms) find it hard to rationalize spending time & money on the “visual punch.”

But who says it must be disposable décor?

Enter the stylish products of Made by Girl. Designer Jennifer Ramos uses bold color and typography to make a lasting impression in both her stationary and prints. What we love about Jennifer’s work is that the colors are vibrant and would add a great pop of color to any event. Although the colors are bold, they are simplistic enough that you could add a corresponding pattern or texture and still have an interesting cohesive look (note how nice the patterned wall paper looks behind her prints in these photos).

And the best thing about this wonderful art is that it will look just as fabulous in your apartment/home as it did above your candy bar. – a & b

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