Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just say NO to streamers and doves.

Inspiration Boards and Bridal Showers.

Why let the brides have all of the fun? If you are throwing a bridal party for a friend/sister/favorite cousin, get excited to be a creative Hip Hostess! Remember that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune…just make each detail really count. But where do you get started…?

One idea: If you know that the bride registered for china or glassware that is in unique colors or patterns, use that as your cue for design and color. Below I’m working with the colors from a set of blown glass vases – purple and orange.

To pull in our bride's love for fashion, I chose a very contemporary invitation and I think that I would gift her the fun & fabulous fashion illustration by Bella Pilar (it will also double as part of the décor for the evening). Since our bride loves champagne, we’ll serve Mango Bellini’s so that it matches our colors but definitely suits her taste…and the cute tin of Bellini flavored jelly beans will be the perfect inexpensive favor for all that attended. To keep the cost of décor down, I chose a flower that has a lot of pop even in small quantity – anemones. And while there will certainly be other food options, I thought the blueberry cupcakes were a deliciously perfect desert.

And of course our bride needs the perfect outfit…I’ve personally been eyeing this Richard Nicoll dress for quite some time. And with a lovely orange hair accessory to drive our theme home, I think this bride will be pleased with her chic party. –a

First Row: Invitation by Fabulous Stationery, Beau-coup favor tin, dress by Thomas Pink. Second Row: Flowers by, cupcake from The Casual Baker, Branch Home vases. Third Row: Mango bellini, Bella Pilar print, Hair accessory from The Foundling.

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Great advice. I'm planning a bridal shower for a friend and you gave me a lot of good ideas :)