Friday, September 3, 2010

Saison Dupont

Belgian Beer.

Last night I went in search of some blog inspiration. I dragged my husband around Brooklyn just begging something to jump out and inspire me. Luckily, our first stop drew my eye to a special beer bottle behind the bar. The Saison Dupont bottle not only had a cool label that looked classic and very Belgian but it had a cork to boot. I was sold immediately.

The beer did not disappoint. It is light and refreshing with some fruity undertones. If I said anymore that that I would officially be a poseur as I am not a beer connoisseur and I don’t exactly understand hops and yeast. But I will tell you that it would make a wonderful presentation at your next get together and pair it with a big pot of mussels and some fresh baked bread and you will definitely be a Hip Hostess! A little fun fact to add to your dinner party is that legendary brewmaster Garrett Oliver said that Saison Dupont is the “desert island beer” of many men. Pop a cork, guys, I think you’ll feel the same thing

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