Thursday, September 23, 2010

Playing with Paper


Now I don't think that I'm letting any big secret out when I say the Paper Source is pretty much da bomb when it comes to beautiful paper products. But when I walked into my local store a couple of weeks ago and saw this paper wreath below...I just had to chat about PS a little bit.

I'm definitely someone who loves to go to paper source and looks at the raw materials and try to think of a way to create a masterpiece a la MacGuyver with paper, tape, and possibly glue. But some days, I just want to create something cool and impressive for a party without using that much of my brain or patience.

Which is why I love the Paper Source craft kits! With all of the materials and detailed instructions in each package, you are sure to be able to create something cool that will have your friends calling you the next Martha Stewart!!

So I'm thinking about using the wreath kit above, but deconstructing the wreath. I think the blooms will make a gorgeous substitution for the typical bow on a gift. And I have to say that I absolutely love the vintage look of these blooms below too. Wouldn't they be so cute on top of a party favor?

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Gorgeous! ^___^