Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Incredibly Interesting Ice Cream


Labor Day may have already passed, but that doesn't mean that I'll stop eating some of my favorite summertime treats - ice cream, gelato, and sorbet.

I was pretty thrilled when an amazing new gelato place, Black Dog Gelato, opened within walking distance of my apartment. Specializing in unique flavor combinations like Caramel Cashew Goat Cheese, Banana White Chocolate Curry, and a Salted Peanut that will kill your sweet and salty cravings in one package, Black Dog may have single-handedly torpedoed my summer diet...and I've loved every minute of it. Unfortunately I can't share this experience with my out of state friends because Black Dog Gelato just has the one bustling store thus far.

Luckily, I might have found a solution. I spotted this fantastic packaging at our neighborhood store, The Goddess and Grocer.

Then this weekend, I was watching the Best Thing I Ever Ate Hot & Spicy and Jeni's got a mention for their Queen City Cayenne - a chocolate concoction with a spicy finish. Well I had to check these people out even further. Jeni's sources all of their ingredients from local farms and dairies to create ice cream that is completely out of this world. And the flavor combinations that they've created (ex. Bangkok Peanut, Wildberry Lavender, Goat Cheese and Roasted Red Cherries) will most likely not be found in your local grocer's freezer.

But not to worry...they ship these lovelies directly to your home!!! You can either choose your own combination of 4 or 6 pints or go with Jeni's picks of their 9 best flavors. Don't you think this would be a fantastic gift?


Jessica said...

I live in Columbus & was so excited to see you feature Jeni's! I am ridiculously addicted to the Salty Caramel & Brown Butter Almond Brittle! Oh, and the macaroons...I could go on and on:)

coolkids said...

mmm. I think I might have to come in the city for some gelato!

Ryan said...

Thanks or the love, Amber!

Not only will we ship right to your doorstep, but you can also find pints at fine specialty-food shops across the country, too.

Here's a map:

Ohio Love You!

Abby said...

mmmm I love Jeni's! It's always on my "must stop" list when visiting the city or just passing through!! LOVE JENI's