Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow?

Beauty advice.

To our hip readers, I need your help.

I may have very well been hiding under the proverbial rock of beauty, but I've only just learned about Moroccanoil in the last few months. In fact I've practically been hit over the head with constant mentions in all of my usual beauty mags.

So has anyone tried this so-called wonder product? I've used and do use an oil/gloss in my daily routine and consider it to be essential. But what I'm hearing about this Moroccanoil is that it's a wonder product. Normally I'd just dive right in and buy it, but at just under $40 I can't justify buying a bottle without firsthand accounts...especially because I recently shelled out the same amount for my existing gloss.

So tell me ladies...what do you think about this wonderstuff?


Anonymous said...

At first I thought MoroccanOil was the best thing ever, it made my hair shiny and soft, but as I've continued to use it (it has been about 5 months), I've had the opposite effect. Now my hair is dry and brittle - my guess is that it is because of all the silicones in the product (which I've read are really drying). So I'm on the hunt for something new and natural (maybe some actual argan oil - rather than argan oil mixed in with silicones).

Catita said...

I use the treatment mask and I have no complain, however I don't abuse it and since I have recently permanently straightened my hair my hair dresser has advised me to use the L'Oreal purple line for shampoo and conditioner and I can really recommend those! My hair is shinny and healthy! even after such a chemical treatment.

Gracie said...

I love it - then my hairdresser introduced me to Morroccan Oil Light ... and I love that even more.

I was super hesitant on the price as well but you use so very little of it each time so it all works out!

Good luck!

Mrs. C said...

I love the MoroccanOil Hydrating Styling Cream! I have very thin hair so a lot of products weigh my hair down and take away the little volume it has, however MoroccanOil doesn't do that at all! It's also a tiny bit cheaper and does last for quite awhile. I highly recommend it!

Hip Hostess said...

Thank you, ladies!! I appreciate the firsthand knowledge. I'll keep you posted on what version I end up trying and how it works :)

Lost Girl said...

My hairdresser slipped me his half-used bottle a few months ago and now I'm hooked. The stuff is amazing. I don't use it everyday since I don't style my hair daily which is why I probably haven't experienced any drying. It's true that it last forever too. You use a dime sized droplet so that little half bottle lasted me over 2 months.

Michelle said...

My hair stylist used this on my hair and I love it. I have fine hair and it makes it really soft and shiny, but not greasy or weighed down like other products. I only use a little bit each time I use it so it is worth the investment.