Friday, September 24, 2010

One Disappointed Charlie Brown

The great pumpkin has run into some bad luck this year and if it is true what they are predicting then there will be no pumpkin to be had for our Thanksgiving feasts. The word on the street is that Libby only has 30 cans in their whole factory. So, while this is a little sad, we should look at it as an opportunity to stretch our culinary wings and palates.

If your claim to fame is the mouth-watering pumpkin pie that makes people weep every Thanksgiving then it is time to start practicing for an equally delicious dish. I think we can overcome one year without pumpkin at the very least we get to taste test all the contenders!

Smitten Kitchen-Sweet Potato Buttermilk Pie

Simply Recipes-Caramelized Nut Tart

101 Cookbooks-Heavenly Pie

The Pioneer Cooks-Scrumptious Apple Pie


Anonymous said...

"Heaven, I'm in Heaven" ^___^
Have a nice week-end!

mia said...

I'm so glad to have 3 large tins in my pantry! No pie here, but Pumpkin Bread pudding is a must!

Wedding photographer Perth said...

Wow they were both yummy and delicious...

Casey S. said...

I don't think there's a shortage this year.