Thursday, September 2, 2010

Household Tips

Reader advise needed.

Last night I saw my husband about to commit a serious kitchen crime. He was about to throw out the Dijon mustard bottle which had a tablespoon or so left in the bottom. As I cried, “No!”, slid across the kitchen table and promptly rescued the bottle just as it was about to drop into the trash can.

You see the reason that last drop of mustard was so important is because it makes my life easier. I eat a lot of salads for lunch when I am working from home and it is so easy to mix a little olive oil and balsamic into the jar with the tablespoon of mustard and voila you have no mess-no fuss salad dressing.

When I was thinking about how crazy yet totally practical this was, I wondered what little tips other people have to make my day easier?

Come on people…in the name of making me feel a little less neurotic plus gain some great tips, let’s hear ‘em.


Julia said...

This may very well be common knowledge, but it's saved my life (and my pans) time and time again. A few years ago, whilst trying to master homemade caramel, I burned a batch and, after trying (read: failing) to jackhammer the mess off the bottom of my FAVORITE non-stick pan, resigned it to the trash. My lovely and effervescent mother-in-law told me to suck up my whining, put my big-girl panties on and stick two dryer sheets in said ruined pan with water and let it soak for the night.

Can I tell you how much I love and adore my mother-in-law? The next morning, the stained-glass texture of my burned caramel was transformed into *buttah*. It cleaned right up with no problem at all.

Needless to say, dryer sheets now have a new home under our sink, next to the Dawn.

Anonymous said...

Julia, you're a genius...I don't believe that is common knowledge.

My tip has to do with lint. Instead of using those annoying roller lint brushes I snatch some FedEx label holders from work (the ones with the glue on the entire back side) and use those instead. They work much better and if you slip your hand in like a glove you'll be lint free in no time.

Jenny said...

My mom sometimes pours a bit of milk in almost-empty strawberry jam glasses, then shakes it up and calls it strawberry milkshake.
She also has a super easy trick to clean silver (jewelry, cutlery, etc.): Line a container (like Tupperware) with tin foil, bottom and sides, pour boiling hot water in it and add quite a bit af salt. Put in your silver (the water has to cover it completely) and you can watch it go from black to shiny silver!

Hip Hostess said...

All great tips that I am definately going to try!

manekhouse: calories are a state of mind said...

never throw away really dried out prama or romano cheese (i mean too dry to grate). throw it intoyour next pomodoro or bolognese sauce. amazing!