Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eat Your Words

Party theme and supplies.

If you have been trying to come up with a cool theme for your next children’s party, check out Spy Museum Store. They have all kinds of neat gadgetry including edible spy paper, invisible ink, top secret folders and all kinds of cool favors.

This could be an entertaining party with a few items from Spy museum and a little creativity on your part. Each child could get fingerprinted upon arrival and then receive a secret agent badge. The entertainment for the day could be a ready to solve mystery where you provide clues for the children to find in order to solve the mystery. Also, every spy needs a disguise kit, so don’t forget the fake mustaches.

Also, forget the kids, If you are looking for some inspiration to get through your to-do list faster, the promise of a tasty snack could do it.

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