Saturday, May 23, 2009

St. Clair Ice Cream

Fun Food.

Hip Hostess has shown you many ways to add personality and themes into your events, but did you ever think you could do it with ice cream? St. Clair brought back the art form of hand molding ice cream and kosher sorbet by using reproductions of antique pewter molds. The end result is lovely, delicious little delicate fruits, nuts, flowers and seashells.

The above is a hand crafted walnut made of creamy maple walnut ice cream; just two or three “nuts” makes a noteworthy dessert. One word of advice is that the serving of the luxurious dessert must be timed perfectly as it holds its shape for about ten minutes. The perfect amount of time to make a lasting impression.

St. Clair ships it products, packed in dry ice, anywhere in the continental U.S. They require 72 hours advance notice and have a special delivery price and service for NYC.

What a lovely little surprise if fruit salad was printed on the menu and this is what arrived at your table.


laura said...

Wow. This is fantastic. Can't wait to check it out!

Anonymous said...

I'm hosting a b'nai mitzvah and I couldn't come up with an "idea" and I thought this was fabulous. So i decided to order. THREE DAYS for them to contact me (in between leaving messages). And I finally rec'd it, and it was awesome! And as awesome as it was, I don't believe I would order from them again. I can't risk someone not returning calls.