Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Herb Centerpieces-Oh So Easy.

Centerpiece idea.

When hosting any kind of event the last minute details can get a little daunting. Hip Hostess is here to show you a short cut that will eliminate at least 3 steps out of the perfect party process. The first being; hunting for the perfect floral combination. The second, digging through the cobwebs and corners of your home for the perfect vase and finally the arrangement process. The arrangement process alone has been known to bring me to tears. I am convinced that flowers have a mind of their own and always pick the worst moment to become unruly. The solution lies in the bottoms of your crisper drawer.

Most likely you have some rosemary, basil and parsley, possibly even mint on hand. If not, you will almost certainly be making a grocery stop at some point. Grab a handful of herbs, wash and cut to appropriate heights, place in a Ball or Mason jar. Now for the finishing touch, wrap a small bow of twine around it to give it that “I worked so hard on this look.” Then smell the wonderful fresh and delicious scents and take a nap!

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