Monday, May 11, 2009

Get what you want


Planning a wedding registry can be tough stuff. Once you've gotten through the pots & pans, mixers, and dishes you have to think about decorative items. But what if the place that you found your salad spinner (my fave thing in the world) doesn't provide things for home decor that floats your boat?

The answer is sites like The Things I Want, which allows you to pick anything that you like from the web to create a wish list (aka registry) that you can share with as few or as many people as you'd like. So now those amazing online boutiques that you drool over that don't provide a registry are finally fair game for a registry. Brilliant!!

And you don't have to be getting married, moving in to a house, or having a baby to get in on the fun. These sites are perfectly acceptable as "Christmas or Birthday Lists" as well. Save your 'rents and friends the stress of figuring out if what they like is what you like and just show them what you've been stalking on the web.

Which brings me to a new find on the web. Mothology. This site has a treasure trove of beautiful items for the home. Take a gander at these lovelies and see if you'd like to add any of them to your list.

Un Verre d'Amitie' Glasses (A glass of friendship)

Telescoping Picture Holders

Mercury Glass Votives

Mansard Style Mirror with an Antique Pedestal Foyer Table

Mercury Hobnail Collection

Chalkboard Stands

Wooden 3-tier Display Stand

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mimi said...

ooh mothology looks very cool. thanks for the tip!