Friday, May 8, 2009

When curse words say it best!

Greeting Cards.

I love to receive cute cards in the mail. However, I dread the act of buying cards. It seems there is aisle after aisle of mushy and sickeningly sweet and don’t even get me started on the rows of tacky cards.

When I ran across Offensive + Delightful I knew I found a gold mine. I like a card with some personality, that makes you laugh at the same time. And after it has outlived its week long display time it gets tucked away instead of thrown away.

While perusing the online website I actually laughed out loud several times and couldn’t help picturing specific people that would get a kick out of certain cards. One of the cards that is so perfect for so many situations just has the word Sh** on the cover and the inside is blank. That fits so many scenarios: Sorry you lost your job, Sorry I forgot your birthday, The economy sucks but keep your chin up, etc, etc.

Unfortunately, I can’t display much of Offensive + Delightful’s work because…well it could be offensive to some. But check out their website it will save you hours of searching through cards of kittens smoking cigars.


Anonymous said...

Hello! Love your blog & love this post! We're a boutique gift shop in Brooklyn and we actually carry O+D cards... Would it be okay to add you to our blogroll? Thanks!

Hip Hostess said...

Sure, I was just in your store a couple of weeks ago and wanted to buy everything in it.