Thursday, May 21, 2009

DIY Bridal Luncheon Lunchbox

Unique Presentation Idea.

When planning your wedding, it's a nice touch to have a get together with your 'maids ahead of time...before things get crazy. A bridal luncheon can be just a lunch, a spa day, or even cocktails after work.

Well the Hip Hostess ladies got to thinking about an easy and affordable idea for a bridal luncheon theme, and we think we came up with a winner. We were inspired by the idea that a lot of times our bridesmaids are ladies that we have known for most of our lives...often times from our elementary school days. So we've created a play on a school lunch box for our ladies luncheon.

Here's what you'll need:
Cardboard Pencil Boxes (teaching supply stores or sometimes Michael's carries these)
Scrapbook paper
Scotch Tape
Craft Glue
Double-sided tape
Hip Hostess Name Tag

Print out Hip Hostess Name Tag (below) and write out each bridesmaid's name on individual tags. Cut and paste to the front of the pencil box.

Create dividers for inside the box to separate each course. The sizes that you use will vary depending on what sized food you choose, but this is the concept. The area within the dotted line is the overall size of the insert. You will fold along the lines and then tape the flaps together at the joint to create open-top boxes.
Place the dividers inside the pencil box and use double stick tape to keep in position if necessary. Now fill with treats for your girlfriends to enjoy. We did grown-up Mini PB& J (with plum-cherry preserves & organic natural peanut butter), cherries, brie wedges with crackers, and homemade whoopie pies for dessert. It's kind of like being back in the elementary school cafeteria, only a whole lot fancier.


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

This is a Super Cute idea!! Awesome job!

leni said...

I love this idea!