Friday, May 22, 2009


National Stationery Show Recap.

A couple of days ago we had the opportunity to go to the National Stationery Show here in NYC at the Jacob Javits Center. After many, many hours of being awed by the amazing talent in the world of all things paper, we were inspired to create our own Best of NSS awards. Our categories may be a little unorthodox...but that's how we roll.

You might want to save this page as a guide so that you can link to all of the vendor sites, because each company is amazing in some way.

We fell for T&F immediately. They came up with amazing slate framed invitation suite that would be a stunner for any bride to be. And we LOVE the felted mid-century modern furniture cards.

People were probably staring at us cracking up at these edgy and funny greeting cards.

It's no secret that we love O+D. They pretty much say what you are really thinking.

The sweet sense of humor and charm of these cards are infectious.

These folders would make me feel a lot better about paperwork.

I would love to receive this complete stationery set from anyone that needs a gift idea.

And I could take one of these too!

This company specializes in vibrant color, easy customization, and a fantastic price point.

What we liked most about JH is their bright foiling process applied to vintage lace patterns.

TTP has an edgy modern interpretation of some traditional invitation motifs.

Wonderful colors and a great dutch-country flair make this line stand out from other companies.

Smock has an amazing array of ink colors and motif options to create custom invitation suites.

Fresh new ideas in letterpress designs make Tiselle a stand-out.

Coloring book cards, cougar cards, and great notebooks had us ooing and aweing.

Everything at binth is frameworthy. Alphabet flashcards, city illustrations, and custom playing cards were knock-outs.

Loop's hand sketched designs make for amazing wrapping papers and cards that could be amazing at a minimalist wedding or party.

Bobbin uses felt made from recycled plastic bottles in their charming designs.

We loved the fabric gift wrap options by CTC. When tied correctly a message is displayed at the top of the gift.

Kate and Birdie use recycled papers and power created by wind energy.

Linda and Harriet don't let their misprints go to waste. They make these charming hangtags.

We both were saying "why didn't we think of this" all day after seeing these cookie invites. They can be personalized by pens filled with edible dye.

There about a 1000 times a day that I could utilize these "stop talking" cards...especially on the subway or at restaurants.

These great tape designs make it so easy to address your invitations. Just print out basic Avery address labels and apply to this template. No cutting. No pasting. No writing. Love it!!


susy said...

Wow...thank you so much for featuring my gift set! I had a fantastic time at this year's show...and I'm so happy you did too! ...I love all of the lines you featured...especially loop. Elissa's talent is just endless!!


DMLD said...

Left you an award on my blog.

elissa said...

Your post-show wrap up is fantastic; I am so honored that Loop was part of your list ! :)
Susy, you're a star ! I'm smiling from ear-to-ear ... to be acknowledged by one that I admire so greatly is just the best feeling in the world !

Robin said...

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