Friday, March 13, 2009



Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with the arrival of Spring? I really love the warmer weather, but I hate the transition between my Winter to Summer wardrobe...probably because it's pretty non-existent.

I recently read the newest issue of Glamour, which had a great idea of creating a weekend uniform - something that you don't have to think about too much that works every time. They suggested a great pair of jeans, form fitting t-shirt, and fashionable sneakers. This all sounds well and good, but when I put that on I look just like I did in high school and not like a savvy downtown girl. In order for me to pull this look off, it is also key to mix in some very "now" accessories - lightweight scarves, sunglasses, a cute little clutch.

So I took a weekend trek to Soho, searching for unique pieces that I could mix into my "uniform." Apparently, these boutiques do not realize that we are in a recession. Hello! My investments are taking a nosedive, couldn't you just take off at least 20% for sympathy?

Demoralized, I headed to Target to buy not-so-exciting things for the home. What I ended up with was a treasure trove of accessories at amazing prices. Everyone knows about the designer collaborations with Target (Hayden-Harnett, Sigerson Morrison, etc), but I'm here to tell you that their usual brands have stepped it up a notch as well. Here are some of my favorite finds:

Converse kicks for $34.99. These pics don't do them justice. The wedge shoe is adorable in person.

Xhilaration clutches all under $12.99. The website has a fraction of what I found in the store. BTW...a little Soho boutique that I visited wanted the exact same thing (same quality and all) for $75.

Sunglasses and Scarves - all under $20. I've long been a fan of their shades because I refuse to pay too much for an accessory that I am definitely going to break or lose within 6 months. Plus they don't have obnoxious blaring logos on the side.

And not to forget the gents. Converse kicks at $34.99 and retro looking t-shirts for under $15...because I am WAY over Ed Hardy.

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Love this post; love your blog!
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