Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Right Kind of Light


Lighting is so important to creating a mood in an interior. Anyone that has stepped into a government building or doctor's office that is blanketed with terrible fluorescent lighting, knows that not all lights are created equal.

So when I saw this brilliant DIY in Time Out New York magazine, I had to share it with you. The owner of Abilene in Brooklyn used this idea to create the coral-like fixtures...and I think it would be equally fab in an apartment.

15–20 Y-shaped socket adapters (a.k.a. “splitters”), $2.79 at Home Depot (various locations throughout the city; go to homedepot.com for info)
15–20 small round standard-base lightbulbs, $15.53 for ten at acehardwareoutlet.com

* Make sure your ceiling has a standard-socket light fixture into which you can screw the chandelier.

1. Take a Y-shaped socket adapter and screw two more Y-shaped socket adapters into each of its ends.
2. Then screw two more socket adapters into each of those ends and so on, until your chandelier has split out enough to the desired size.

3. Next, screw the lightbulbs into the empty socket ends.

4. Attach the completed chandelier to the ceiling by twisting the original Y-shaped adapter—which is now the chandelier’s base—into your ceiling’s light fixture. Seriously, that’s it!

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That is way cool!