Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rhubarb Cocktails


When I think of Rhubarb, I instantly think Strawberry-Rhubarb pie. I don’t believe I have ever used Rhubarb in any other form. Well it is time that changes because Rhubarb is making a name for itself with fun cocktail creations. Ironically, it is the same bitterness that chefs have tried to cover up for centuries that bartenders are finding so appealing in cocktails.

Juicing rhubarb might seem like a bit of a hassle but it’s actually very easy. You cut the rhubarb into one inch pieces, add water, cover, simmer it down and strain out the resulting juice. You also may want to add a bit of sweetener, such as sugar, honey or Splenda. Note that you want to cut low on the stalk where the skin is the reddest to achieve the bright pink or ruby red coloring. If you cut to high you will get a brown/green coloring.

As an added bonus, rhubarb is rich in potassium and dietary fiber. You can check out some rhubarb concoctions at

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