Thursday, March 19, 2009

Imagination Station.

NYC Tour for Kids.

As Midwestern transplants in NYC, my husband and I love to have family and friends visit us. We have the standard sightseeing tour down to an art form. But we aren't so good at accommodating for young children. NYC can be too loud, too crowded, and too overwhelming for some children to take in all at once. So I was unbelievably excited to stumble across a hidden gem in my neighborhood: Little Airplane Productions.

Little Airplane Productions creates and produces preschooler programming favorites like "The Wonder Pets!", "Go, Baby" and "Oobi!". They have a charming studio and general store located on Front Street at the South Street Seaport. At 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM every Tuesday and Thursday (as well as one Saturday a month) they do guided tours of their Studio showing exactly how children's television comes together - from writing, to animation to voice-overs. The tour is only $10 per person and limited to 10 people at a time.

If you live in NYC and need a kid-friendly destination or if you are planning a visit to NYC, I would highly recommend checking out Little Airplane. The kids will be engrossed in their favorite characters, you will love this amazing loft space, and everyone will enjoy a break from the hustle & bustle of the NYC streets.

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jasmine said...

OH! how cool! what a great place! i know a few kids, who i used to nanny for, who would LOOVVVE to visit this place. it would be so fun to see them get all excited over their favorite characters. thanks for sharing!