Saturday, March 14, 2009

Et tu, Hip Hostess?

Food for a famous day.

March 15th - also known as "The Ides of March" - is most famous for being a very unlucky day for Mr. Julius Caesar. This important day in Roman history is overlooked by most, unless you happen to have studied Latin/Ancient History or have a love for useless trivia (both of which describe me).

This year I am going to give Julius Caesar some much deserved recognition with a couple of brunch recipes in his honor. One is an easy authentic Ancient Roman Recipe the other is just named after him...but both should make my lazy Sunday afternoon just delightful.

Ova spongia ex lacte

Eggs with honey

For those of you honing your Latin translation skills, here's the recipe in Latin from Apicius' De Re Coquineria:

Ova spongia ex lacte: ova quattuor, lactis heminam, olei unciam in se dissolvis, ita ut unum corpus facias. in patellam subtilem adicies olei modicum, facies ut bulliat, et adicies impensam quam parasti. una parte cum fuerit coctum, in disco vertes, melle perfundis, piper adspargis et inferes.

3 tbsp honey
4 eggs
4 T milk
1 T butter
1 tbsp olive oil
Twist of black pepper
Salt to taste

Beat together the eggs, milk and oil. Pour a little olive oil along with butter into a frying pan and heat. When this is sizzling add the omelette mixture. Agitate with a fork until the mix starts to solidify (this will make for a lighter omelette). When thoroughly cooked on one side turn the omelette over and cook on the other side. Fold in half and turn out onto a plate.Warm the honey and pour over the omelette. Fold this over once more and cut into thick slices. Sprinkle with salt an black pepper.

Bloody Caesar Cocktail

1 oz Vodka
Celery Salt
2 Dashes Worcestershire (you can add more to make heartier)
2 Dashes Tobasco (you can add more for extra spice)
Clamato Juice**
Salt & Pepper (to taste)
Olives (optional)

Rim tall glass with celery salt, fill with ice and ingredients. Garnish with a celery stick and lime.

** Don't be afraid of the Clamato juice. It adds a certain addictive kick that will make you forget about your regular Bloody Mary's.

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