Thursday, March 12, 2009

TCHO Chocolate

Fun Food Find.

I had a love-at-first-site moment when I saw the TCHO fun packaging. Then as I researched further this chocolate isn’t your Grandma’s chocolate bar!

The TCHO mission goes something like this:

TCHO is serious about chocolate, we aren’t just re-melters (like the majority of people who work with chocolate), we are manufacturers, with our very own factory capable of producing 4000 metric tons per year – joining only a dozen other major manufacturers in the US.

TCHO was founded by a Space Shuttle technologist turned chocolate maker and a grizzled industry veteran who set up chocolate factories for 40 years from Costa Rica to Germany.

TCHO’s team has deep experience from Silicon Valley to Berlin, from Fair Trade to Ferraris, from chocolate start up to Web start up.

TCHO is funded by friends and families brought together to invest in a dream. And every employee is an owner.

TCHO is scrappy and high tech – recycling and refurbing legacy chocolate equipment and mating it with the latest process control, information, and communications systems.

Wow…and if that is not enough they offer a fun chocolate wheel that corresponds to their packaging so that you always get the chocolate that satisfies your inner chocolate demon.

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