Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Resolution for 2014

I think it's a good thing to reflect on the past year.  So much happens in our day to day life that we sometimes forget the very things that have made the past year special.  I started something new on our last couple of vacations and started blogging about our day to day activities, meals and antics.  I had resisted this in the past because I thought it would be a burden while trying to relax.  But what I found is that it was kinda fun and helped me to remember the little day to day happenings that make for special memories that I probably would have otherwise forgotten.  I now find myself going back and revisiting the site on days that I need a little pick-me-up.  This gave me my resolution for 2014...appreciate and record more in my day to day life.  Besides the blog, I am also going to try to be better at Facebook and Instagram.  I'm somewhat of a voyeur on both of these sites and I have resolved to actively participate.  What was your New Years Resolution?

That being said, here is a snapshot of 2013.

In January we visited Chicago to attend the International Housewares Show which gave us a great reason to snag tickets to Grant Achatz's "The Hunt" dinner.  It was quite spectacular and while pricey I think definitely worth the experience.  My mom met my sister the hubby and I and the weekend was a bit of a whirlwind but still an awesome way to start the year.  A couple of highlights where the afternoon tea at the Palm Court in the Drake Hotel, deep dish Chicago Pizza and of course the must have photo from Chicago the reflection in the bean.

In February we went to Toronto to attend an International Food Festival and on the way visited Niagara Falls which should be on everybody's must see list.  It is truly amazing!  I wouldn't spend more than a day there due to the town itself being super tacky.  But do splurge on a hotel with a balcony and fireplace overlooking the falls.  Grab a bottle of wine and watch the colors change. 

In April we headed off to Riviera Maya for some fun and sun. I wouldn't recommend out hotel but there were a couple of highlights.  The Spa was fantastic and I loved shopping for Mexican tchotchkes in the small towns.  I have a special love for day of the dead stuff and if you see my apartment you'll know I went a little overboard.  What else is a girl to do when it rains?

Our next adventure was to Nova Scotia in August to visit my mother in law and I think I've blogged plenty on that subject.  But it was one of our best vacations and I did record this one, so I love to revisit and look at the great memories.  You see a large chunk of time is missing here and now I don't have a clue as to what we were doing in those months.  I'm sure there must have been something worth remembering.  Hence the resolution for next year.

Lastly we finished the year with a spectacular trip to Portugal over Thanksgiving and a visit to Kansas City for Christmas.  2013 was a great year and we hope to if not top it at least match it in 2014.

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