Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIY: Antler Towel Rack

Anyone who has been to a flea market with me or a swanky housewares store knows that I always marvel at the horns.  I think this is actually in my DNA since my dad was an avid collector.  That being said, I'm not sure he would approve of my style but a horn's a horn right.  His style was definitely more eccentric in a red velvet kinda way.

The main reason I have never made the purchase up to this point is because I couldn't get a clear vision of where those suckers could go.  I tend to like the metallic, neon or even girly flower variety and I don't think the hubby shares my excitement.  So, hanging it in our living room was probably going to be an issue.

But this little DIY was actually written for me.  Even though I don't know you Liz Marie...I feel we are kindreds.  If you are ever in NYC, the cocktails are on me.   Thank you.

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