Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year...New Design Trends

I like to take a look around the apartment at the beginning of each year and I mean REALLY look at it.  When the eye gets use to seeing things every day we don't always roger that something could use a little updating.  That vase that you loved but then just stuck on a shelf instead of figuring out where it should really go?  You know who you are and why not make it a fun project to do a little rearranging and refreshing at the beginning of the year.  Last year I added the following updates:

I needed to incorporate some color, so I added little pops of lime green (this accompanies a wooden box from Portugal, some cool sequined match boxes from Mexico and my Buddha from China.)

Then I added some much needed curtains...really they were bad.  But funny how after years you don't even see them anymore.  I chose an Ikat design to add a modern update.

Lastly, I chose some graphic pillows to work with the black and white from the curtains.  All the changes were small and inexpensive but changed the whole room drastically.

This year the design trends are as follows.  Honestly, there is not much that I can work with besides maybe some cowhide touches.

Macrame Touches (this is not for me)
Shades of Blue
Sun Kissed Wood
Moody Walls
Open Shelving

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