Friday, January 29, 2010

L'Oreal Elnett Obsessed

Product love.

I'm certainly not a beauty expert, but this Hip Hostess has to share my newest obsession with you. Once unavailable in the United States, L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray is now readily available in many stores. I've been reading about how superior this hairspray is to everything else on the market, but I was so skeptical. I have never really found a hairspray that I loved...and I certainly couldn't comprehend finding something that would be SO much better. Well I was wrong. This stuff is amazing!!

With an ultra fine spray and non-sticky finish, L'Oreal Elnett holds your hair in place without feeling like a helmet. Not to mention the fact that you can comb through it and it will still hold your waves in did they do that?!?

Now that I have this new not-so-secret weapon, I'm going to practice some of these 'dos for big parties. Before Elnett, my baby fine hair would have been a messy, frizzy, falling nightmare. Not anymore.


Erin Woolsey said...

that's so awesome!!! hairspray really hasn't been my friend...but I'm willing to branch out :D
thanks for sharing :D

wedding band glasgow said...

Ahh yes, you can't beat L'oreal Elnett for the styling the brides hair on her special day!

Thanks for sharing :)