Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Einstein Meets Julia Child

Foodie Function.

You can imagine my interest was peaked when I received an email with that subject line. Well it just so happens that a very cool event is occurring in the Big Apple on February 8th.

ELEMENTS is a ground-breaking, interactive dining experience open to the public where top chefs, winemakers, coffee roasters, and master mixologists will display and explain the physical and chemical changes that occur in food when exposed to the natural elements of fire, water, air, and ice.

Guests will experience amazing new taste sensations such as Smoking Salmon Shots, Carrot Caviar, and my absolute favorite a Mozzarella Balloon (which is said to burst with the essence of roasted garlic). Holy cow...this sounds so flippin' cool!!

If you are going to by in NYC on the 8th, definitely consider attending. Tickets are $150 and include all of your food, drinks, and learning experience. Check out all of the details here.

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Rach said...

MMM Sounds fantastic! Wish I was close!