Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cara Cara

Food Find.

I love fresh fruit. I even think that a perfectly ripe piece of nature's goodness can top the fanciest of desserts...and that's coming from a self-admitted chocolate addict.

With that being said, I have noticed over the last few years that it has been more and more difficult to find a really good orange. They are always a bit dry or bland. What is more disappointing than going through all of the effort to peel an orange, pick off the excess pith, and then bite into a tasteless piece of nothing? Yuck.

The one shining beacon in my quest for worthy citrus has been the Cara Cara orange. A type of navel orange, Cara Cara's have a rosy pink flesh that is similar to grapefruit...but the taste could not be more different. Low in acid and slightly sweet, I have rarely found a Cara Cara orange that I didn't think was amazing. And they are in season right now.

To find the perfect Cara Cara orange, make sure that it feels heavy for it's size (which means it's juicy) and smell it to make sure that it has a potent orange scent. Then peel and enjoy!!


Chuey said...

Trader Joe's is selling Cara Cara's in a gift box.. for 6bucks.. YummY!

Hip Hostess said...

That is an amazing deal! I'll have to go stock up.