Saturday, January 23, 2010

Classic Movie Night

Impromptu Party Inspiration.

You don't always need an excuse to get your friends together. But I do find that having a theme for the regular Saturday night hangout session makes things a bit more festive. So while perusing through a book that was given to me over the holidays, "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die," I thought it would be fun to have a classic movie night.

Now while I love all classic movies, they don't necessarily translate well to all modern audiences...which is why I chose The Marx Brothers' Duck Soup. Its fresh and funny even today. And it's short (in case someone is really not into black and white with a bit of campiness).

Here's a little inspiration board for what I'm thinking to mix up a typical Saturday night:

The Movie Poster is a great focal point and inspiration for the night. The bold colors and typography can easily be integrated in other areas.

I strongly believe you don't have to make absolutely everything from scratch for a party. So for this party, we'll order in Peking duck and all the fixings. It ties into the movie title, it's delicious, and easy!

Because having a funny item or two for photo ops is not a bad idea, this chocolate cigar is very Groucho Marx and makes a good take-home item too.

This movie was released in 1933, so we'll enjoy a classic 30's drink. The Side Car.

Another funny party prop, mustaches on sticks (also a la Groucho), will certainly make for some fun.

If I'm feeling extra fancy and ahead of the game, I might borrow this idea for invites.

And for dessert, we will serve chocolate chip cookies...and I'll be sure to let my guests know that we're serving them because the original Toll House recipe introduced the same year as Duck Soup.

I think this sound like fun, don't you think?


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Oh, I think I love you! I am a big fan of the Marx Brothers films. I think Groucho was a comedic genius and way ahead of his time. His humor definately translate to todays world. :)

bettyjones said...

Everything you do is amazing. Do these things just pop out of your head or do they take hours?