Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hot Lips Soda

New find.

As a hostess I am always looking for new, unique additives for our events. When I started hearing a buzz about Hot Lips soda, I decided to check it out.

The Portland Oregon based company produces fruit sodas made from real pulp. Consumers say, “It is like drinking something made from real fruit, not chemicals.”
The lineup includes: apple, pear, raspberry and boysenberry. The product was only available in Oregon until recently when they opened an online store.

It could be a big hit at your next event and the Hot Lips name and brand make it perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Love the packaging!

Anonymous said...

Boysenberry soda sounds Divine!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Amber & Brandi,

Thanks for the kudos!

Just to clarify, HOTLIPS Soda is made from whole fruit and as a result there's pulp in the bottle.

For Valentines Day you might try making a mimosa with our Raspberry or Blackberry soda. A float with any of our flavors and vanilla ice cream is off the charts too!


tina said...

I love this! I must try these.

Your recent recipe posts have me drooling. I'm a loyal reader, but a terrible commenter. (I read and comment via two different accounts. That - and I'm always at work.) But I do love your blog and wanted to chime in and thank you. It's so hard to keep things fresh and interesting. (Said the girl who posts catalogs and reusable bags. Lame-o.)