Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spotted: Beverage Dispensers that Delight

As you can probaby tell from our blog, Hip Hostess loves a specialty cocktail at any kind of event. The trick with serving special drinks to a large crowd is having a visually appealing way of serving mass quantities without too much hassle. So imagine my excitement when I spotted these amazing beverage dispensers from Z Gallerie. Each one is equally fab and would be a very welcome addition to your next party.

Three Tier Dispenser
Variety isn't a problem with multiple layers to work with.

Apothecary Dispenser
This lovely has plenty of room to elegantly display any beverage.

Empire Dispenser
With a smaller basin for the liquid, a potent drink like premixed martinis would be perfect with this option.

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Classic Hostess said...

I bought two at They were a hit! I served one sangria and the other lemonade. check them out. they have a large variety.