Friday, November 13, 2009

The Dessy Group - Pantone

Wedding Wear.

The Dessy Group teamed up with Pantone to form a partnership that will make your life much easier. Gone are the days when you had the perfect style dress in mind but could never quite get the right color. The Dessy-Pantone partnership provides style tools that allow you to achieve a color-coordinated event easily.

Their website has been newly designed to allow you to play with inspiration boards, order pantone swatches for vendors, and coordinate a style of dress that is pleasing to all in the pantone color of your choice.

The site is wedding focused, however, if you have a vision of sweeping into your holiday party in a beautiful strapless dress in the perfect shade of blue, this site ensures you don’t have to toil away in a mall for countless hours.

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Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool - I bet a lot of people aren't aware of the influence Pantone has on the fashion industry. And oh how I could have used this about a year and a half ago for my wedding party!