Friday, November 6, 2009

Good as Gourd

DIY Gourd Bowls.

Just like cooking, decorating can be about using what is seasonally available to you. At Halloween, you use pumpkins. Christmas calls for all things pine. For the in between month of November, I'm giving gourds a try.

If you google "gourd bowls", you'll see an assortment of arts and crafts/country-looking specimens, but this image from an old Blueprint Magazine made me realize how modern they can look too. And lets not forget how easy and affordable they are to make too. Looks like I have some crafting to do this weekend!!


1. Trace a line around the gourd.

2. Cut gourd in half with saw.

3. Discard seeds and dried membrane, then place gourd in bowl of warm water. Allow gourd to soak for about 20 minutes.

4. Scrape away remaining pulp using metallic pad or an ice cream scooper.

5. Sand gourd.

6. Apply a coat of primer and let dry.

7. Paint bowl with high-gloss craft enamel.

8. Fill bowl with natural, textured accents such as acorns, dried pomegranates, fresh rose petals, mini dried gourds, and thistle.

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