Monday, November 30, 2009

Hot Cocoa

Nothing gives that warm fuzzy feeling like a mug of hot cocoa. It is one of my favorite things to offer guests on blustery days. If you have a large group coming over for a gift exchange or cookie exchange it is always fun to create a hot cocoa bar. You can offer two or three different kinds of cocoa and some fun toppings. The food network has some great recipes with varied sweetness. If you have a couple of electric urns this process can be done ahead of time, if not all the ingredients can be mixed and all you have to do is heat at the last minute. Here are a couple of variations.

Variations of hot cocoa:
Perfect Hot Cocoa
Mexican Spice
White Hot
Cocoa Colada
Layered Mocha

Garnish your cocoa with the following:
Peanut butter cups on skewers
Candied orange peel on skewers
Cinnamon sugar donut holes on skewers
Whipped cream topped with crushed candy canes


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