Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ferm Wall Decals

Home Decor for Children.

As a lot of my girlfriends are starting to have children, I've been thinking a lot about their home decor decisions. The nursery is pretty easy and fun to do, because...well...the baby has no say in it. When the tot hits 2 or3, you have to start managing the ever changing tastes of your growing child. We've all been there. My mom weathered the change from Holly Hobbie to Strawberry Shortcake and many other "phases" with a stunning amount of patience.

So when I ran across Ferm Wall decals for kids, I instantly thought this was the perfect solution for the growing boy or girl in your life. These amazing decals are easily applied and easily removed. So when Tommy decides that owls are a thing of the past, you just peel it off the wall and start all over. Mom's time and patience is saved and you keep Tommy happy. Brilliant.

*** And for the indecisive adult in your household (like me!!), Ferm also has an amazing line that is perfectly suitable for every other room in your house as well. Check it out.

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