Monday, January 12, 2009

Dinnerware with Flair!


I decided over the holiday break to try and find a solution to storing my old magazines, the ones with to much good info to just pull out the pertinent pages. Instead, I started flipping through pages, became inspired to write this blog entry and never went back to my organization project!

But all was not a total loss, I get to introduce you to Jessica Rust Designs. Jessica definitely knows how to use classic patterns but with a personal flair. You have to look closely for the personal touches as they are added so seamlessly that it doesn’t take away from the style, it adds to it. Amidst the birds, trees and blossoms you will find your wedding date or initials intertwined into the design.

All of Jessica’s designs are absolutely stunning and she has recently added an online registry that makes ordering a snap. If you already have a china pattern, don’t worry, Rust designs are so stylish that they would integrate nicely with most patterns or you could always add a fun twist to dessert. --b


Anonymous said...

I ordered these for a recent wedding I went to and they LOVED them. The company does get easily over loaded so give yourself plenty of time. Lucky for me, that year rule of getting the happy couple a gift, was needed.

Mrs. in May said...

Wow, what a great gift idea! I know I would love it!!!

CouponAlbum said...

It's elegant and simple dinnerware set!! It's really wonderful gift idea!!