Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hot Commodity


With the economy being what it is many people are searching for inexpensive alternatives for entertainment. One of the ways Hip Hostess entertains a casual group of friends is by breaking out The World’s Liveliest Trading Game…Pit. Pit is a great way to break the ice if you have groups of friends that have never met before or don’t have that much in common. With this lightning-paced Parker Brothers game everyone will be yelling “Trade three! Three! Three! and small talk will be all but forgotten.

The game is based on trading commodities such as barley, hay and flax and also thrown in are the Bear and the Bull. When you collect all nine cards you have cornered the market and you’ve won the round. You announce you have won the game by ringing the bell which is usually followed by a number of hands being thrown on the table as well as some expletives.

Parker Brothers sells a new Pit game for about $17 or since the game originated in 1904 there are several vintage game boxes for sell on Ebay for around $10. The game is good for many hours of inexpensive fun and when else will you get the chance to yell such phrases as “The exchange is open” or “Corner on corn”.

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Unknown said...

My boyfriend got the game Partini for Christmas....also a ton of fun!