Friday, January 23, 2009

My Big Fat REAL Wedding - The Cake

Lesson #9
You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes you might find. You get what you need.

Besides being the lyrics to a really great Stones song, this was a big lesson that I learned in my wedding journey.

Prior to being a bride, I never had a real emotional attachment to any flower. I thought roses of nearly any shade were lovely. Tulips are great. Peonies are fantastic too. But as a bride, I became obsessed with the anemone. For 29 years of my life, I thought an anemone was a sea creature...but now I had to have it. One little problem: Anemones are no good during the time that I was getting married. What is a girl to do?

My answer came shortly after when I was at our cake tasting. While we were there, my wonderful Chicago baker, Take the Cake, was preparing samples for images that they planned to use on their website. We could see firsthand what they could do with sugar flowers, and I was impressed. So I hurried home and drew up a pathetic little sketch and sent it over.To my relief, Take the Cake said that they were up to the challenge even though anemones are highly detailed and difficult to create. And I am SO happy that they did. The end result was stunning. I may have not been able to carry a bouquet of these beauties, but I was so happy that they were represented in this unique way. --a


jasmine said...

i love your cake! it's gorgeous. so simple and elegant.

Hip Hostess said...

Thanks, Jasmine! More was also delicious! :)

colleen b said...

i love your cake as well!!! looks beautiful, and i'm happy to hear it's also yummy. i've become slightly obsessed with anemones since the beginning of my wedding planning as well. do you know when are they available? i've searched on the web and have seen different answers to this. my wedding is mid may. thanks!