Monday, January 26, 2009

Make Mine a 64


The growler is a large, 64 oz. glass jug that looks like it could be well-suited as an instrument in a hillbilly mountain band or as a vessel for delicious beer. Not only is the packaging eco-friendly (no waste cans or bottles) but also economical as your local brewery will fill and refill at a discounted rate.

Growlers are generally made of glass and have either a screw-on cap or a hinged porcelain gasket cap which can provide freshness for a week or more. A properly sealed growler will hold carbonation indefinitely, but it is not an appropriate means of long term beer storage since it is not a sanitized form of packaging.

Growlers got their name from the sound that the CO2 made when it escaped from the lid as the beer sloshed around. It likely dates back to the late 19th century when fresh beer was carried from the local pub to one's home by means of a small-galvanized pail.

I can’t think of a better way to make an impression at your Superbowl party next weekend. Why would the ladies go for the guy with the 40 when they could have the guy with the 64!
Below is a list of growler purveyors in the NYC area. Please call ahead to make sure they have stock. --b

American Beer Distributors/Thrifty Beverage: 256 Court St. at Kane St., Brooklyn, (718) 875-0226

Bowery Whole Foods Beer Room: 95 East Houston St. at Bowery, (212) 420-1320

Bierkraft specialty food store: 191 Fifth Ave. at Berkeley Pl., Brooklyn, (718) 230-7600

Community Beverage: 8004 Grand Ave. at 80th St., Queens, (718) 458-5254

Fette Sau barbecue and bar: 354 Metropolitan Ave., at Havemeyer St., Brooklyn, (718) 963-3404

The Ginger Man bar: 11 East 36th St. at Madison Ave., (212) 532-3740

Grab Specialty Foods: 438 Seventh Ave. at 15th St., Brooklyn, (718) 369-7595

Lookout Hill Smokehouse Restaurant: 230 Fifth Ave. at President St., (718) 399-2161

New Beer Distributors: 167 Chrystie St. at Rivington St., (212) 473-8757

Pacific Standard microbrew pub: 82 Fourth Ave. at St. Mark’s Pl., Brooklyn, (718) 858-1951

Vox Pop coffee shop: 1022 Cortelyou Rd. at Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn, (718) 940-2084

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