Monday, January 19, 2009

Potluck Party - Chinese New Year

Party Idea.

So you've watched Oprah's Best Life Week with Suze Orman and you know that it's time to get real about your finances. Sure that may mean giving up dinners at 4-star restaurants or any clothing that isn't on the sale rack, but you do not have to give up entertaining. You just have to get creative.

This got the Hip Hostesses to thinking - what about a Potluck Party? Get together your group of friends and put each person (or couple) in charge of one of the dishes. Make it BYOB. And now for the cost of one dish, you get to enjoy a multi-course meal in the company of friends. Sounds like a lot more fun than Mac& Cheese by yourself, huh?

We think that the perfect time for your first Potluck Party is next week, January 26th - Chinese New Year. Here's how it could go:

It's customary to serve a whole steamed fish for the main course. Follow that up with fried rice, szechwan green beans, and potstickers. And as a finale, enjoy this baked version of the typically steamed Nian Gao cake.

As for decor, you need only look as far as simple pieces of paper to create an atmosphere. Thanks to the crafty peeps at Design Sponge, the lantern idea below is the perfect way to stay to theme on a budget. You could fill it with votive candles or even use these lanterns to cover a cylindrical vase filled with flowers (if you can manage to get a deal at the market).

And what would a Chinese new year party be without horoscopes and fortunes. Check out this site to get your guests' Chinese zodiac info, then print them and inset into these adorable self-made fortune cookies below. I may not be a Chinese astrologer, but I foresee a frugal & very fun year! --a

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