Friday, March 8, 2013

Umbrella Fun

So this has nothing to do with party planning but I thought it was cool and wanted to share.  It is an umbrella by Squidarella that changes from black and white when dry to colorful when wet.  I am not a fan of the rain especially in NYC because it always seems to rain sideways and it doesn't matter what you are doing you get soaked.  But if I had a cool color changing umbrella then I would look forward to rain.  Another plus is that I always sit my umbrella out to dry and am never quite sure when it is sufficiently so.  Now I don't have to guess.  One umbrella please.

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J.Mill said...

I love following your site for unique gift ideas. I even gave my parents Geni's ice cream delivered via dry ice for their anniversary. They said it was the best ice cream they've ever had!

I'm adding this cool umbrella to the list!