Thursday, March 14, 2013

Origami Arrow Magnets and Tacks

If you have a significant other or children in your household you need these!  In my case, my husband doesn't see things in the morning.  For 7 years now he has been walking right past the full trash can, the pile of cards and bills that need to be put in the mail slot and let's not forget the ginormous bag of laundry that needs to be taken to fluff and fold on Friday's.  I've tried everything, putting the mail on his keys.  Putting the laundry bag in front of the door so he has to move it to get out. Somehow he gets out the door with his keys and the mail and clothes are still sitting there?

So today, I'm going to make some neon yellow arrows, in a cute print of course.  A little paper folding and an awesome arrow reward is well worth getting my 30lb. bag of laundry carried downstairs.

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