Thursday, January 5, 2012

Food Lover's Cleanse

Food and Dieting.

I love the holidays so much...but I don't love the results of countless glasses of champagne and 1000 cheese platters. And my bathroom scale has actually hidden from me because it's afraid. Bad sign.

I've taken to doing juice cleanses to inject my life with a bit of nutrition. But what do you do after you're done? Go back to meat, potatoes, cheese? That kind of defeats the purpose.

Which is why I am psyched about Bon Appetit's Food Lover's Cleanse.

BA is featuring 2 weeks of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacking and dessert. All of the choices look and sound delicious...and not at all like taste deprivation.

Maybe my scale will come out of hiding if I give this program a try...

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