Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hearts Galore

Valentines Day.

Three days after Christmas, the Duane Reade on my block started taking down the end caps of Christmas treats and putting up Valentines Day candy. What?!? I protest. all of the pretty Christmas trees and wreaths in our homes and local restaurants are down and I'm having holiday withdrawal. Twinkle lights and the excitement of upcoming holidays make the grey days of winter more tolerable.

So I was pretty happy to receive my most recent Fancy Flours baking supply catalogue, because it full of cute things for our Valentines Day. Here's a small sampling of what you will find on their site.

Vintage Valentine Wafer Papers that would make adorable edible sugar cookie valentines.

Paper straws with lots of love.

Speaking of Love...what a great cookie cutter.

And send your honey a message with his morning coffee...


Nikki Monet said...

Oooh I love the vintage papers and heart straws!! I love Fancy Flours. Im gonna head over and check out their Vday stuff! Thanks for sharing :) New follower here. Stop by and give us a visit some time :)

Chrystina said...

I absolutely agree about the vintage papers! Also, I love the use of the Philadelphia LOVE sculpture :)